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With the past depreciation in real estate pricing and the real estate market starting to turn around, more and more people are interested in buying and selling property. People interested in buying or selling their property need proper representation to ensure that contracts are written correctly and their rights are protected.

At Blaschko Law Firm, we handle a wide range of real estate cases. We prefer to represent clients at the beginning of their transaction to assist them through the legal issues they might encounter before the closing documents are signed. However we also provide legal guidance and advice to clients facing title issues and other problems they have encountered after purchasing property such as boundary lines and land disputes, construction issues, shared driveways and trespassing neighbors. We have represented clients in cases involving private property, land and business property.

Minneapolis Real Estate Transactions

As with any transaction, problems can arise. A buyer may back out, there may be a boundary dispute, or the seller may want to renegotiate the price or contract. In these situations it is important to have legal representation to assist you in writing up the agreements and ensure that each party fully understands their role in the contract. With our experience in business transactions as well as real estate, we provide insightful knowledge into the inner workings of various types of transactions. We have experience handling transactions throughout the process, including advising and filing claims regarding a past transaction that was done incorrectly. If you are a buyer or seller and have questions about transactions, contact our office today.

Bloomington Real Estate Attorney

As your legal representation we can provide helpful guidance and relief by handling your case and helping to remove the burden from your shoulders. We fight for our clients' rights and we educate and advise them on their case. Contact our office today for more information about our legal representation in real estate.

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