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Summary of Litigation Cases.

A lawsuit usually involves a debt owed for a contract whether by credit card, loan, or services provided. It can also involve damages due to an intentional or negligent act or breach of an obligation or duty required of you.  There are several answers, responses, and defenses you can make to a complaint. Ultimately the parties must resolve their dispute, and sometimes it takes going to court to do so.  

We will help you through the complicated legal process. This may include helping you with a  legal summons, complaint, answer, motion, response, discovery requests, or discovery answers to comply with legal rules, formats, and requirements. It will also include counseling you on the best litigation strategies and, if necessary, advocating for you in court. We will assist you in getting to a resolution while protecting your rights.

Call a Minneapolis Litigation attorney before you wait to long. Litigation requires that you meet specific deadlines with properly formatted legal documents. Call today to discuss your case at (651) 204-7152.