Having employees is crucial to growing your business as you need help to accomplish the work. As long as you comply with all federal and state regulations and document your employees hiring, performance, compensation, and termination, you can grow your business and focus on their motivation and success.

The biggest issues with employees is Hiring procedures, documenting performance standards and review, and compensation.

Hiring requires that you provide an equal opportunity in employment to each candidate. When you interview you must not ask questions that appear to provide a basis for not hiring based on an illegal reason (race, gender, or religious affiliation). When you hire, you need to document the new employee with proper consents in an employment application, I9 forms, W4 forms, and any confidentiality or other agreements to employment with your company.

You will need to determine whether your company will benefit from other restrictions on employees such as drug testing, credit checks, or policies on discipline for specifed violations of policy or procedure. Usually a small business does not need these additional items and can deal with problems as they come up. There are certain policies every company should have such as a Sexual Harassment policy. In addition every company with employees is required to post certain notices of employee rights.

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