Bankruptcy Documents

List of Bankruptcy Documents needed for Bankruptcy Petition

List of Bankruptcy Documents needed.

Bankruptcy Forms required

    • A copy of your Driver's License and Social Security Card.
    • Current address and any past addresses.
    • All documents regarding the last 6 months of income (paystubs, receipts, check stubs, etc).
    • Any pension, annuity, social security or other income and documents supporting this.
    • The last 2 years of tax returns with any W2 or 1099 forms that go with it.
    • Bank Statements - Provide the last 6 months of bank statements (the Most recent is particularly important).
    • Investment accounts - Most recent statement from All savings, investment, or other accounts. (including any that were closed in the last year).
    • All Pension, IRA, or any other retirement accounts (especially if you have transferred money in or out of any of these accounts in the last year).
    • Any other documents that prove the value of large assets you may own such as a vehicle, equipment, fixtures, etc.
    • The most recent statement from your mortgage and property tax statement of all real estate you own.
    • The most recent statement, invoice, or letter from ALL creditors, including any debt you owe, credit card companies, collection agencies, attorneys, etc.
    • The most recent statement of all utilities and ongoing debts such as electric, gas, telephone, internet, water, etc.
    • A copy of all leases, contracts or financing arrangement for any assets secured by such. (for example if you lease a vehicle, rent an apartment, or rent a piece of equipment).
    • Names, address, and information regarding any privately held debt that you owe to anybody.
  5. OTHER DOCUMENTS (may be required depending on whether or not you have any of the following).
  • Own a Business/Self-employed
  • Divorced in last 2 years
  • Foreclosed
  • Lawsuits including any garnishment, bank levy, or seizures.


This covers most situations however depending on your situation other documents may be required to protect your assets properly.

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