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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is for an individual with assets that cannot be exempted (protected) under Chapter 7 or who has a substantial income above the Bankruptcy Means Test requirement. There are other reasons to file a Chapter 13 but these are the two main reasons people file a Chapter 13 instead of a Chapter 7.

This form of bankruptcy provides the debtor a chance to eliminate their debt in very affordable installments based on their income and what they can afford for 3-5 years. By doing this it also allows the debtor to keep any non-exempt assets they may have such as cabins, boats, homes, and cars that they could not have kept or protected under a Chapter 7.


Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Pricing

Our legal fee for a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy petition filing requires a downpayment starting as low as $1,000 in some situations but we may require up to $1,500 plus the filing fee depending on your situation. The Chapter 13 filing fee is $313.00 which we pay to the bankruptcy court when we file your bankruptcy petition.

Your total quoted flat bankruptcy attorney representaton fee is higher than the downpayment however the remaining legal fee is approved and paid by the Trustee through the chapter 13 payment plan.

To get a quote, contact a Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney or schedule a free one hour banruptcy consultation.


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